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What is the difference between banners with and without tracking.


The "Earn More" page contains banners that you can place on your websites,

to refer others to mailsy. There are two types.

Tracked, and non-tracked.


Here's the tracked Super Banner.

Here's the link to it:


When you display this banner it is tracked by our system and will be reported on

your referrals page that the signup came from the banner.


On your referrals page this is a link, click it to see which banner it is.


The "banners without tracking" are direct links to the image itself thus cannot be

tracked the same way. You'll see what "site they joined from" but where it says

"joined from Ad" it will show "homepage", or "unknown" instead.


This is some very powerful information to have so use a tracked banner when

you can, but when you simply can't display a banner with a .php file, usually for

technical reasons, then use the image link instead.


I hope this helps explain the difference between banners with and without tracking.

Should you have more questions you can always submit a ticket.

I'm here to help.

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